PRODUCTION: Yvonne Kerékgyártó Shoots Sophomore Feature at Lake Balaton

    We Started Together by Yvonne Kerékgyártó We Started Together by Yvonne Kerékgyártó

    BUDAPEST: The shooting of We Started Together (English working title) / Együtt kezdtük, Yvonne Kerékgyártó’s second feature film, started in the first half of August and the cameras will roll till mid-September 2021. The film is a coming-of-age story about a group of nine friends who reunite ten years after graduation.

    Együtt kezdtük tries to grasp the attitude of a generation with lots of parties and music. "The place where the story happens is crucial in all my films, and one of the main characters of Együtt kezdtük is the Balaton Uplands itself," said the director, who is capturing the beauty of the landscape with the help of cinematographer Tamás Babos.

    The film, set in Budapest, Lake Balaton and London, gives many young talents the opportunity to make their first appearance, but it also features well-known Hungarian actors, such as Zoltán Mucsi, Anna Pálmai, Éva Kerekes, Tamás Jordán, Simon Szabó, Kati Zsurzs and László Szacsvay.

    Bálint Szentgyörgyi, István O. Boros and Balázs Maruszki wrote the script.

    Hungary’s Együtt Kezdtük Film is producing in coproduction with Sparks. The producers are Csaba Pék and Judit Romwalter. The film received a production grant of 1.12 m EUR / 392 m HUF from the National Film Institute - Hungary. The project is sponsored by RTL Hungary. The budget is 1.86 m EUR / 650 m HUF.

    InterCom will release the film domestically.

    Yvonne Kerékgyártó graduated from the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest in 2012. Her first feature Free Entry (produced by DDK Produkció in coproduction with HvD Produkció and Sparks) won the Gamechanger Award at the SXSW Film Festival. In 2020, she was nominated for the Hungarian Film Award for her screenplay FOMO: Fear of Missing Out co-written with Attila Hartung.

    Production Information:

    Együtt Kezdtük Film (Hungary)

    Sparks (Hungary)
    Judit Romwalter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Yvonne Kerékgyártó
    Screenwriters: Bálint Szentgyörgyi, István O. Boros, Balázs Maruszki
    DoP: Tamás Babos
    Editor: Péter Duszka
    Cast: Zoltán Mucsi, Anna Pálmai, Éva Kerekes, Tamás Jordán, Simon Szabó, Kati Zsurzs, László Szacsvay