FNE Oscar Watch 2023: Hungary Selects Blockade as Oscar Entry

    Blockade by Ádám Tősér Blockade by Ádám Tősér photó: Szvacsek Attila / Filmpositive

    BUDAPEST: Blockade by Ádám Tősér has been selected as Hungary’s candidate for the 95th Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences award in the Best International Feature Film category.

    The Hungarian Oscar Committee included Csaba Káel - Government Commissioner for the Development of the Hungarian Motion Picture Industry and Chairman of the National Film Institute, director Csaba Bereczki, director Péter Bergendy, screenwriter Tibor Fonyódi, film distribution expert András Kálmán, producer Ákos Pesti and cinematographer Emil Novák.

    Blockade tells the true story of the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Hungary, József Antall, from his freedom fighter days in 1956 to the infamous 1990 taxi blockade that shook the nation. 

    “As Hungary lives down the last hours of Soviet occupation, through an unexpectedly escalated crisis situation and a human drama, the film tells the story of a society starting to learn that democracy is not only about freedom, but also about duties and taking responsibility”, Ádám Tősér said in a statement.

    Norbert Köbli penned the script and the main characters are played by Zoltán Seress, Attila Vidnyánszky Jr., Tibor Gáspár, Zsolt Végh and Ildikó Tóth.

    The film was produced by Film Positive with support from the National Film Institute – Hungary.

    It will be released in Hungary on 20 October 2022. NFI World Sales is handling the sales.