Marcell Jankovics’s Last Work Released in Hungary

    Toldi by Marcell Jankovics Toldi by Marcell Jankovics source: NFI HU

    BUDAPEST: Toldi, the last work of Marcell Jankovics, who passed away in 2021, was released in 74 cinemas in Hungary on 20 October 2021, one day before Jankovics’s birthday.

    Inspired by the poem written by János Arany 175 years ago, Toldi is the result of three years of work by 100 creators from Kecskemétfilm, which is the producer. "A new generation of animators grew up in Kecskemét, who added their own creativity to Marcell Jankovics's legacy, using the possibilities offered by the most modern computer programme-based animation," said producer Ferenc Mikulás in a press release issued by the National Film Institute – Hungary (NFI).

    Marcell Jankovics wrote the screenplay, made the character designs and directed the film together with Lajos Csákovics. All the characters in the film are voiced by Tamás Széles.

    Toldi was supported by the National Film Institute – Hungary (NFI) and the Media Services and Support Trust Fund (MTVA), and it is distributed by Kecskemétfilm and Mozinet.