Hungary Celebrates 110 Years of Animation

    Hungary Celebrates 110 Years of Animation source: NFI - Hungary

    BUDAPEST: The National Film Institute – Hungary (NFI) has declared 2024 as a commemorative year to celebrate 110 years of Hungarian animation and will organise several events throughout the year.

    The events will be joined by the launch of a dedicated website on Hungarian Film Day on 30 April 2024. Also, a big chunk of Hungarian animation waits to be presented at the Budapest Classics Film Marathon from 17 to 22 September 2024.

    In 1914, István Kató-Kiszly, a 19-year-old graphic artist, created Zsirb Ödön, a cartoon that, although it has since been lost, set the stage for the establishment of a rich tradition of animation in Hungary.

    The 1930s marked the beginning of regular animation film production with the founding of the Coloriton commercial film studio in Budapest by János Halász, Félix Kassowitz and Gyula Macskássy.

    Today, the NFI‘s digital restoration programme is focused on animation, ensuring that classic works can be enjoyed in exceptional quality.