Hungarian funding decisions announced

By Gyorgy Karpati
    The Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (www.mmka.hu) announced its latest support for Hungarian film projects for 2009.

    Szabolcs Hajdu's (White Palms) new film Gyonged kezeles receives HUF 15 million support (58.000 euros); the award winning director Csaba Bollok's (Iska's Journey) new film is supported with HUF 50 million (194,000 euros) and the project of Janos Rozsa, producer and director of several Hungarian film successes, receives HUF 30 million (116,000 euros).

    Four directors received letters of intent for support their film projects: Academy Award winner Istvan Szabo (387,000 euros); Zsombor Dyga, director of Bro' and Bedlam (155,000 euros); first feature film director Denes Orosz (194,000 euros) and writer-director Tibor Kocsis for the sequel to his documentary Uj Eldorado 2 (58,000 euros).