Torn From the Flag wins Hi-Def festival

By FNE Staff
    Torn From the Flag, Klaudia Kovacs' indie documentary on the global effects of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, took the main prize at the Beverly Hills Hi-Def film festival.

    Hungarian-born Kovacs made her film in cooperation with two Hungarian legends: Oscar-awarded cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond and cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs (no relation to the director), who served at director of photography on the film. It was Laszlo Kovacs's first attempt at digital filmmaking, and his last film before his death in 2007. The film includes archival footage of the Revolution from both cinematographers.

    Torn From the Flag premiered in the AFI festival's "Milestones" section and was awarded for Best Cinematography at the Tiburon film festival. The 96-minute film has yet to be screened in Hungary.