Deak's Aglaja in preproduction

By Gyorgy Karpati
    Krisztina Deak is in preproduction with Aglaja, a Hungarian-German-Romanian-Polish-Swiss co-production to be shot in May, Andras Muhi producer and head of the Hungarian Inforg Studio (www.inforgstudio.hu) told FNE.

    Deak was nominated for the Crystal Globe in Karlvoy Vary in 2000 for her film Jadviga's Pillow. Aglaja is based on a Chamisso Award novel. The drama about a mother-daughter relationship, stars Erika Marozsan. The cinematographer is Tibor Mathe.

    The German co-production partner is the Intuit Pictures (www.intuitpictures.com) and producer Sandor Soeth. The Romanian co-producer is Giurgiu Tudor, ex-president of the Romanian National Television and now the head of the Libra Film Production Company (www.librafilm.net). The Polish producer is Radek Stys and production company Koncept Media. The Swiss production partner is Multimedia PSAG and producer Susanne Wach.

    The budget of the movie is approximately €2.5 million. Hungarian support is some €1 million from the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (www.mmka.hu), The Foundation of the Hungarian Historian Film (www.mtfa.hu), and the National Cultural Foundation (www.nka.hu). The producters plan to apply to Eurimages support.

    Filming will begin in May, for a 40 day shooting schedule. The premier is planned for 2010.