New Mafilm studio construction underway

By Gyorgy Karpati

    Construction of a new Mafilm studio in Fot, replacing a studio destroyed by fire two years ago, began in February.

    The new studio, which should be completed in October, will be twice as big as the old one: 2000 sqare meters, making it the biggest at Mafilm. Mafilm currently has four studios, two in Budapest (500 square meters and 800 square meters), and two in Fot (800 square meters and 1000 square meters).

    "The new building will be modern for every need that a shooting demands, and its size is international standard," Tamas Tolmar CEO of Mafilm Zrt. (www.mafilm.hu) told FNE. "Foreign interest is huge. We're in several negotiations with international productions. Right now the Italian Memories of Anne Frank is being shot at Mafilm by Alberto Negrin, and American productions will come at the end of April," he added.

    The construction will cost HUF 500 million (€1.6 million euros), including HUF 142 million in EU support.