Hungarian box office on the rise

By Gyorgy Karpati
    Hungarian box office and attendance are on the rise, despite a drop in the number of screenings during the first quarter of 2009 according to the National Film Office.

    In the first three month of 2009 the total attendance rose 2.6% to 2,553,192 on 106,516 screenings, a 10% decrease over 2008.screenings. The box office rose 10.4% to 9.4 million euro. The average ticket price was 3.69 euro in the first three month compared with 3.43 euro in 2008.

    Hungarian films saw an 8.4% rising in the attendance from 504,511 to 546,900 thanks to blockbusters such as A Kind of America 2 and Made in Hungaria (207.288 attendance from its February 5 release through April 19). The total income of the Hungarian movies rose with 8% to 1.9 million euro.