Magyar Telekom launches thematic channels

By Dávid Dercsényi
    Origo Zrt. (www.origo.hu), part of the Magyar Telekom (www.telekom.hu) group, launches two thematic channels on September 28, Life Network and The Ozone Network, both available in analogue and digital cable network.

    Life Network is a lifestyle channel, with feature films, a daily magazine, and programmes on family life, health, and education.

    The Ozone Network is a weather report channel with traffic news. Full time broadcasting will be available in 2010, and the channel is putting emphases on big issues like global warming, sustainable development, alternative resources, vanishing values, and environmental education.

    The two channels can be seen on the cable network of Magyar Telekom, reaching half a million viewers. The reach should double within in one year as Origo is negotiating with other cable networks.

    This project is the part of a multiplatform based content providing project, which will be completed by online and mobile phone applications. The head of this department, Péter Koltai, has been working in Magyar Telekom for 8 years, recently as the director of origo or iwiw, the biggest social network in Hungary.

    Program director Barbara Hámori previously held the same postion in Viasat3 and TV6. The production designing is by Zoltán Jancsó, arriving from state channel MTV.