Nation-wide cinema days have record success

By Dávid Dercsényi
    Moziünnep (http://moziunnep.hu), an annual cinema promotion event in Hungary, saw a record success for the September 17-20 screenings.

    The year 98 cinemas in 41 cities participated. Audience turnout was high for the pre-release screenings.Some 200 films were offered, with a special ticket price of HUF 550 (EUR 2) during the three days.

    Income for Moziünnep reached HUF 177.2 million (EUR 655,000) 73% higher than the previous weekend, while attendance was almost four times greater, at 275,000 admissions. Financially the biggest hit was the Final Destination 3D, but the Inglorious Basterds had the highet attendance: over 45,000. No Hungarian film was among the list of the top ten films.