The Father's Acre competes for European Film Awards

By Dávid Dercsényi
    The European Film Academy has announced that the debut film of Viktor Oszkár Nagy, Father's Acre (Apaföld) will represent Hungary in the European Film Awards.

    {mosimage}The film was awarded in the 40th Hungarian Film Festival with the Gene Moskowitz Award, given by foreign critics.

    The film explored the relationship between an ex-con and his son, with an Oedipus-like mythical story is placed in the context of daily Hungarian life at the early 1990's. The deliberately slow pacing and cinematographic style of Nagy reflects the influence of Hungarian auteur Béla Tarr, István Gaál, though quite unique. The director of photography Tamás Dobos creates a poetic yet tangible visual world.

    The film is produced by EuropaFilm Studio, with producer Péter Miskolczi.