PRODUCTION: Zsombor Dyga shooting Run to Ground

By Dávid Dercsényi

    The young Hungarian director Zsombor Dyga is shooting his new feature thriller Run to Ground.

    The film tells paralel three dark stories: a young waitress finding out that the trainer of his son is a kidnapper; a doctor meeting the murderer of his son; and a retired speed skater being blackmailed by a dying old man.

    The film is produced by Európa Film (www.europafilm.hu/index.php). The script was developed in ScriptEast and éQuinoxe workshops, and chosen to participate in the Connecting Cottbus and Baltic Event coproduction forums. Run to Ground was supported by Hungarian Motion Picture Public Foundation with a total of HUF 80 million (EUR 30,000).


    Script: Balázs Lovas,

    DoP: Gábor Marosi,

    editor: Judit Czakó

    production designer: Balázs Hujber


    Eszter Ónodi

    Andrew Hefler

    Kata Bartsch

    Zoltán Seress

    Heinz Trixner