FNE at Hungarian Film Week: Vespa

By Dávid Dercsényi

    Vespa, the second feature from Diana Groó (Csoda Krakkóban) is about a Romany child who wins a Vespa scooter and must travel from his poor home town to Budapest to collect the prize and bring it back home.

    Groó mixes fiction and non-fiction in the movie, with many characters found in the area where filming took place. The film challenges the viewers' realization the power of their own prejudices.

    The budget is HUF 70 million, with a grant from MMKA of HUF 50 million. The film was coproduced by Serbian partner VisionTeam (www.visionteam.rs). Both the Serbian and Hungarian Ministries of Culture supported the Vespa, as well as the Film Center of Serbia. The Hungarian production company is Tivoli-Filmprodukció Kft (www.lilisweb.com).

    cast: Sándor Tóth, Juli Nyakó, Rudolph Balogh, János Puporka, Gábor Nagypál, György Bajomi Nagy, Krisztina Erdélyi, Gábor Róbert, Zénó Kárász, Simon Szabó, László Kassai


    director: Diana Groó

    script: Diana Groó, Iván Szabó

    dop: Sándor Kardos

    editor: Ágnes Mógor

    co-producer: Dragan Djurkovic

    producer: Dénes Szekeres

    co-production partner: VisionTeam (Belgrade)

    production company: Tivoli-Filmprodukció Kft.

    duration: 85 mins


    Tivoli-Filmprodukció Kft

    Tel. +36 1 275 2320