Palfi winds up shoot on Triptichon


    Gyorgy Palfi, the director of Taxidermia (2006) and Hukkle (2002), both of which are often described as "unique" and even "bizarre," has just finished the shooting of Triptichon, which by the director's description may well compare with his previous two productions.

    "This movie is really an experiment," Palfi said in an interview with FNE. Filmed in 30 days on an unusually low budget of 16 million forints (€64,000), Triptichon has three parts. The first is an experimental shooting in a kindergarten where the director searched for social connections and problems of integration among small children.

    That shooting prompted a decision to explore these topics in a different context. Palfi and his collaborators, writer Zsofia Rutkay and Attila Reti, wrote a fictional segment based on improvisation by nine persons, none of whom are professional actors, and looked for synergies with the first part. The third part involves recording a fictional casting session.

    "My main plan was to simulate the filmmaking circumstances of an amateur. I wanted the same technique. That's why we shot with HDV," said Palfi, who completed shooting March 12. "Now we're editing the material to make the three parts into one movie, and we will see whether it will be my third film - or just the second and a half."

    The premier of Triptichon is planned for Hungarian Film Week in early 2009.

    With regard to Palfi's next plans, financing is being organized for his latest project, the big-budget European co-production Wild Swans, described by the director as a "romantic adventure musical." Another idea under consideration is an adaptation of one of Jeno Rejto's novels, The Skeleton Brigade.