Biopic planned on Hungarian pop singer Miklos Fenyo


    Gergely Fonyo will direct a biopic of the famous Hungarian pop singer Miklós Fenyo budgeted at €2 million, titled Made in Hungaria. The director, who previously lived and worked in the US as a cameraman, was brought on board the project by Adam Nemenyi, the producer of Next Station Productions (www.nextstation.hu).

    The movie will be based on the successful musical of the same name about the life and career of the popular singer. The film will be a musical comedy set in the 1960s with touches of humor and drama as well - a sort of Hungarian Grease, Fonyo told FNE.

    The two other co-production partners are HCC Media Group (www.hccmedia.hu) and Sunny Film (www.sunnyfilm.hu).

    The pop singer Fenyo and his family left Hungary in 1957 for the US after the revolution, and returned in 1963.

    The director said he hopes to make a film that will see international distribution. Casting has just begun, and shooting will start in July and last for 30 to 35 days. The premiere is set for Valentine's Day 2009.

    The singer will be involved in the screenplay and plans to take part in the movie as well. The director of cinematography will be Balazs Marton (Colossal Sensation, Dodo and Naphthalene, Montecarlo!).