Hungary launches first on-line series

By Zsolt Gyenge

    MAB, the first series created directly and only for internet broadcast in Hungary is set for launch (trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogInq8enG8I&feature=related). The project was initiated by Ádám Horgas, a director of alternative theater. The series will be comprised of 16 episodes, 8 minutes long each and will be broadcast on YouTube.

    MAB (http://www.shakuecho.com/blog/?page_id=1556) is a thriller based on a Celtic legend in which every person in an apartment building dies within a night. The story presents in parallel the events of the night and the story of the police investigation taking place the next day. The main roles are played by well-known Hungarian actors.

    The "no-budget production" (500,000 HUF, or under 2,000 euros) is designed especially for web audience. The series will be uploaded based on the number of downloads for the previous episode, meaning each successive episode won't be online until the previous one has reached a target goal. The download will be completely free of charge, with the aim of finding sponsors and investors for the team's next series, which they want to produce with a professional crew and equipment.