FNE at KVIFF: Hungarian Director Palfi with Three New Projects in the Pipeline

KARLOVY VARY: Prolific Hungarian director Gyorgy Palfi has three new projects in the pipeline together with producer Gabor Varadi helmer at Budapest based Eurofilm Studio (www.eurofilm.hu).
10-07-2009 m

FNE at KVIFF: New Arpad Sopsits project in development

KARLOVY VARY: Hungarian director and scriptwriter Arpad Sopsits is in development on a new project titled Psyche based the work of Hungarian poet Sandor Weores.
06-07-2009 m

FNE at KVIFF 2009: Hungarians Field Slate of Seven Films at KVIFF

KARLOVY VARY: The Hungarians make up the one of the largest national contingents in Karlovy Vary in 2009 with five films, -seven including coproductions,- screening in various official programmes and…
05-07-2009 m

Production: Doldrums in postproduction

Director Tamas Sas tells FNE that he has just wrapped a 15 day shoot on his latest film, Doldrums.

Hungarian channel introduces 3 screen model

Hungarian commercial channel TV2 (www.tv2.hu) launched the first online TV show in Hungary on June 2.

Hungarian grants announced

The Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (www.mmka.hu). has awarded grants totaling €520,000 to 33 animation projects in 2009.

Production: Judit Elek in pre-production with Retrace

Judit Elek, the new Film New Europe ambassador, is in pre-production with Retrace, a Hungarian-Swedish-Romanian co-production.

Production: Gravedigger in postproduction

A feature film adaptation of Rilke's Gravedigger by Hungarian cinematographer-director Sandor Kardos is in postproduction, producer Andras Muhi told FNE

Production: Heat in preproduction

Mihaly Schwechtje's feature film debut Heat, an international co-production with an estimated budget of €1.4 million, is in preproduction, producer Laszlo Kantor told FNE.

Hungarian box office up, attendance down

Attendance at Hungarian cinemas went into its seond year of decline, dropping 7.3% to 10,352,494, while box office increased 2.1% to €35 million, and the number of the screenings increased…

TV2 agrees to digital switchover

Antenna Hungaria Group (www.ahrt.hu) and commercial TV channel TV2 owner MTM-SBS Television (www.tv2.hu) signed a contract concerning digital terrestrial transmission the two companies announced in a common statement on May…

Lottery to fund Hungarian culture

Hungary's cultural tax will be dissolved on January 1, 2010, and the budget of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary (www.nka.hu) will be covered by 90% of the national lottery's…

Fee reduction petition fails

The Hungarian Board of the National Radio and Television Commission (ORTT, www.ortt.hu) rejected a final petition from the two leading Hungarian commercial TV channels seeking a reduction in their annual…

Decreasing Hungarian ad market

The Hungarian ad market could see a 20% decrease in 2009.

Production: Jodorowsky in Lynch-Kantor co-production

Cult-director Alejandro Jodorowsky (known for his 1970 midnight movie El Topo) is in pre-production to direct the American-French-Hungarian co-production King Shot, co-producer Laszlo Kantor told FNE.

RTL Klub CEO claims media title

For the second year in a row Dirk Gerkens, CEO of the commercial TV channel RTL Klub (www.rtlklub.hu), has been named the most influential person in the Hungarian media by…

Hungarian box office on the rise

Hungarian box office and attendance are on the rise, despite a drop in the number of screenings during the first quarter of 2009 according to the National Film Office.

New decision at MMKA

The Motion Picture Foundation of Hungary (www.mmka.hu) announced support for 25 festivals and film events at a total amount with €305,000.

Hungarian-Romanian-Swedish co-production to film in Sweden

Hungarian director Judit Elek will begin filming her Communist-era co-production Returning Home in Sweden in July.

Hungarian channels seek recession relief

Hungary's two leading commercial TV channel are still hoping for a reduction of their yearly broadcasting concession fee.