Latvia Launches Film Tender


    RIGA: The National Film Centre of Latvia has announced a tender for co-financing of foreign film productions, with applications accepted through 26 July 2013.

    Up to 25 percent of eligible film-related expenses will be returned in the form of a cash rebate upon completion of filming.

    The programme has a budget of approximately EUR 500, 000 (LVL 300 000) for 2013. Gradual increase of financial support is planned in the following years.

    In order to apply for a tender, there must be a signed cooperation agreement between the local coproduction partner and the foreign film production company. The cash rebate of the total eligible expenses might be obtained if the film is either completely or partially shot in Latvia; film production services provided by natural or legal person registered in Latvia are used; and the budget of the film is at least 700,000 EUR (500,000 LVL) for full-length features and animated films and at least 140,000 EUR (100,000 LVL) for documentaries.

    Ilze Gailīte Holmberg, Director
    National Film Centre
    Tel: +371 6735 8870
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