Latvian Government Grants 500 000 Euros for Co-Financing Program


    Applications for Latvia's first cash incentives for productions close Friday, the country's National Film Center has announced. The program, announced 25 June, is a first for the Baltic countries, aimed at keeping Latvia competitive for foreign shoots using its locations.

    Funded with a grant of 500 000 EUR, the co-financing program is open to producers from abroad planning to make their films in Latvia, allocating support via a tender process. Applications are taken for two weeks, leading to cash rebates for up to 25 percent of eligible film related expenses when filming is wrapped.

    Ilze Gailīte Holmberg, director of the NFC, said the incentives should be "a strong stimulus for foreign producers to come to Latvia" and "return for future projects." The plan is intended to build on recent productions from Japan, Korea, India, Russia and other countries.

    Korean action project The Berlin File, shot in Riga, host of the European Film Awards next year, typifies the target audience. The grants, approved by parliament in June, come on top of the Riga Film Fund and applications to both sources are possible.