FESTIVALS: If It’s Friday It Must be Baltic Films at Riga 2013 Short Film Fest


    RIGA: The Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS running through 27 October 2013 will unspool its Baltic competition on 25 October.

    The Baltic competition of short films consists of 12 films from Latvia and neighbors Estonia and Lithuania. The festival’s international competition, with an emphasis on European shorts, screens in five blocks of films.

    2ANNAS, an independent film and audio-visual art festival, introduces its audience to not only popular short pieces of the moving image, but also innovative means and ways of visual communication on a global scale. The programme consists of films without any confinements to a specific genre, showcasing fiction, animation, documentary and experimental videos with anything and everything in between. The festival popularises European and world cinema in Latvia, and examine the evolution of Baltic cinema, hosting the only Baltic screening programme in the region.

    The 2ANNAS theme for 2013 is “woman in cinema: Woman – avant-gardist, housewife, prostitute”, highlighting works of such significant artists as Germaine Dilac, Maya Deren, Lotte Reiniger, Chantal Akerman, Linda Christanell, Eija Liisa Ahtila, and Lene Berg as well as nationally renowned women in cinema and screen art including Laila Pakalniņa, Maija Brence, and Katrīna Neiburga. The jury consists of film director Aik Karapetian, the Oberhausen Short Film Festival programme curator Olaf Moller and film producer Thom Palmen.

    The festival builds on Riga’s reputation as a place for the unexpected, including its social events as well as creative displays reaching beyond the borders of cinema.

    The following films will screen in the Baltic Competition:

    By the Border / Pierobeža, dir. Jurijs Skorobogatovs, fiction, 2013, Latvia, 6 min

    Gonzales, dir. Vents Grīnbaums, fiction, 2013, Latvia, 8 min

    International Father’s Day / Starptautiskā Tēva diena, dir. Edmunds Jansons, animation, 2012, Latvia, 5 min

    Lisa, Go Home! / Liza, namo! / Liza, nāc mājās!, dir. Oksana Buraja, documentary, 2012, Lithuania, 28 min

    Mai, dir. Maria Reinup, fiction, 2013, Estonia, 16 min

    My Condolences / Kaastundeavaldus / Izsaku līdzjūtību, dir. Margus Paju, fiction, 2013, Estonia, 15 min

    The End / Beigas, dir. Ülo Pikkov, experimental, 2012, Estonia, 6 min

    The Kiosk / Kiosks, dir. Anete Melece, animation, 2013, Latvia / Switzerland, 7 min

    The Maggot Feeder / Ussinuumaja / Tārpu barotājs, dir. Priit Tender, animation, 2012, Estonia, 16 min

    The Training / Trenniņa stunda, dir. Askolds Saulītis, documentary, 2012, Latvia, 5 min

    The Triangle Affair / Kolmnurga afar / Trijstūra afēra, dir. Andres Tenusaar, animation, 2012, Estonia, 10 min

    Tram / Tramvajs, dir. Madara Dzintara, experimental, 2012, Latvia, 2 min