PRODUCTION: Janis Nords Develops Survivalist

    The Survivalist by Janis Nords The Survivalist by Janis Nords photo: Tasse Film www.tasse.lv

    TALLLINN: Latvian director Janis Nords is writing Survivalist, a drama of a schoolmaster who fakes his own death to escape mounting personal and financial pressures.

    Aija Berzina and Alise Gelze of Tasse Film are producing. Survivalist will be the company’s second feature film.

    The budget is 948,000 EUR, with 25,000 EUR of financing in place.

    The producers pitched the film at the Baltic Event Co-Production Market in search of coproduction partners.

    Production information:
    Tasse Film
    Blaumanu 11/13-13
    Riga LV-1011
    Tel: +371 26 156 3356
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.