PRODUCTION: Ivo Briedis Deconstructs the Soviet Man in Documentary Telebridge

    Telebridge by Ivo Briedis Telebridge by Ivo Briedis

    RIGA: In his new documentary Telebridge Ivo Briedis is deconstructing the concept of the Soviet man through the eyes of the last Soviet and first post-Soviet generation. The project was selected for the Ex Oriente Film workshop in 2017 and the Baltic Sea Docs (2-10 September 2017).

    In January 1991, the Central Television of the USSR in Moscow brought together youngsters from the 15 Soviet Republics to ask them if they wanted to live in their own national states or to remain in the united one. Some of the young people had enough courage to honestly express their will for the collapse of “the awful USSR”.

    The film maps the different lives of the protagonists and their countries, searching for answers on how far they got from the Soviet Union.

    Elīna Gediņa-Ducena and Gints Grūbe are producing through Latvia’s Mistrus Media. The estimated budget is 200,200 EUR, Elīna Gediņa-Ducena told FNE. The National Film Center of Latvia, the Adenauer Foundation and the Latvian Television are supporting.

    Shooting is planned in the countries of residence of the protagonists: Latvia, Armenia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, possibly Czech Republic and Germany from autumn 2017 to autumn 2018. The theatrical release is set for 2019.

    The London-based sales agent Taskovsky Films issued a letter of commitment.

    Ivo Briedis is an experienced filmmaker and scriptwriter, who has worked on fiction, documentaries and animated films.

    Production Information:

    Mistrus Media
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    Director: Ivo Briedis
    Scriptwriter: Rita Ruduša
    Editor: Linda Olte