PRODUCTION: Vilnius-to-London Road Movie Documentary Starts Pre-production

    PRODUCTION: Vilnius-to-London Road Movie Documentary Starts Pre-production Lida, Vanda, Liusia

    VILNIUS: Lida, Vanda, Liusia, an Anglo-Lithuanian coproduction documentary about three Lithuanian grandmothers who make a road journey from Vilnius to London, has started pre-production.

    Oksana Cernovskaya, CEO of LitFilmas (www.litfilmas.com), a production company based in Vilnius, told FNE that shooting was expected to start in April 2013.

    The EUR 70,000-90,000 budget film is being 15% cofinanced by London-based Film Republic (www.film-republic.co.uk), 40% by an unnamed Belarusian film company (no website), and the rest will come from LitFilmas.

    “We are very close to signing with Film Republic,” Cernovskaya speaking to FNE at the Scanorama Film Festival (www.scanorama.lt) said, adding that.the film’s producers will seek to sell distribution rights to all the countries through which the three grannies will pass: Belarus, Poland, Germany, France and the UK.

    The film, directed by Julija Zubavicene, tells the story of the three eponymous old ladies, who put aside a lifelong enmity and unexpectedly decide to make the long journey together to visit their beloved granddaughter.

    Director Julija Zubavičienė
    Scriptwriter Julija Zubavičienė
    Camera Vilius Mačiulskis
    Sound Julius Zubavičius
    Editing Julija Zubavičienė
    Producer Oksana Černovskaja
    Contact: Tel +44 (0) 7402 920 412