General Director of Lithuanian TV Re-elected


    Audrius Siaurusevičius has been re-elected for a second five-year term as general director of Lithuanian National Radio and Television

    Siaurusevičius competed against six candidates: signatory Virginijus Pikturna, journalists Liudvika Pociūnienė and Edvinas Butkus, journalist and producer Saulius Jakutavičius, marketing department executive Irmantas Šerys and former director of the LRT council Dainius Radzevičius. 

    “We're on the right way and just need to proceed and strengthen our work. The national broadcaster should remain an alternative to mass production, we should offer production with enduring value and, at the same time, compete on the market,” Siaurusevicius said after the vote. “The main thing is that the direction of prioritizing culture will stay unchanged.”

    Siaurusevicius added that the most difficult times of the national broadcaster is “already behind us.”LRT has posted profits for the pasttwo years. The unaudited profit in 2012 was around 2 m Litas.