FNE at Berlinale 2014: Lithuanian Films in Berlin

By Lithuanian Film Centre

    Lithuanian Films Line up European Film Market 2014

    The Gambler / Losejas
    A film by Ignas Jonynas
    2013, 110 min

    Vincentas, the best employee at the emergency service station, has only one passion - gambling - but whenever he lands in some difficult situation, he is forced to take radical steps to pay back the money he is constatntly loosing. Then Vincentas comes up with a plan: to create an illegal game related to his profession. Initially, the employess in emergency services are the only ones attracted to this macabre engagement, but soon enough, the idea takes off and begins to spread; before long, the medics assume the roles of betting agents while Vincentas takes control of its bank. As their financial situation improves, it also becomes more complicated, as Vincentas enters into a romantic relationship with Ieva, a colleague who has reservations about the game. Soon, he is going to face a fateful choice - love or the game.

    Feb 8th Sat, 16:25 CinemaxX15
    Feb 11th Tues, 19:05 CinemaxX19

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    The Excursionist / Ekskursante
    Afilm by Audrius Juzenas
    2013, 109 min

    Soon after the Second World War the Iron Curtain has fallen down in Europe and Lithuanian state found itself on the Eastern side. Soviet regime quickly broke the traditional way of life. Thousands of Lithuanian families were deported to camps in the North and East.
    This film is based on a true story of eleven-year-old girl who has escaped from the exile train and started her dangerous and long trip back from Siberia to Lithuania ...

    Feb 7 Fri, 19:30 CinemaxX13

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