Lithuanian Film Centre Supports Seven Films


    VILNIUS: The Lithuanian Film centre approved financial support of 4.75m Litas for six feature film production projects and one short feature film.

    The grants were awarded based on recommendations of the film Board.

    Two films received the largest grants. The Lithuanian–Danish – Dutch coproduction Escaping Sunshine (PABĖGIMAS IŠ SAULĖS MIESTO) from director Allan van O.T. Andersen and production company Era Film received 1.4 m Litas. The film Board recommended giving 400.000 Litas in 2015. For preproduction this film got 86,250 Litas last year.

    Kristijonas Vildžiūnas fourth feature Seneca’s Day (Senekos diena) for production company Uljana Kim and Co received 1.400.000 Litas. The film Board recommended giving the amount of 200,000 Litas in 2015. The feature is a Lithuanian-Latvian-Estonian and French coprodution.

    The feature film Edeno sodas from director Algimantas Puipa, and the production company Studija 2 got 900,000 Litas. The film Board recommended giving the amount of 300,000Litas in 2015. For the preproduction this film has got 58.000Litas last year.

    Production of the feature film by Lina Lužytė Do You Love Me? (Ar tu mane myli?) produced by the company Just A Moment has received 750,000 Litas. In 2013 the project received 150,000 Litas for development. The feature is a Lithuanian- French- Romanian coprodution.

    The feature Pelenų sanatorija by Latvian director Davis Simanis got 100,000 litas. The production companies are Locomotive Productions (Latvia) and Uljana Kim and Co (Lithuania).

    Finnish director Mikko Kuparinen and his feature film Vilnius – Inter 965 got a 100,000 litas grant as well. The production companies are Mjolk Movies OY (Finnland) and ARTbox (Lithuania).

    The short feature Tvanas Šančiuose by Gerda Krutaja (production company Studija Kinema got 100.000 litas for production).

    Sixteen films applied for the state support, many of them are genre films: a psychological thriller, comedy, romantic horror film, and an historical melodrama.

    Click HERE to see the grants chart.