Domestic Films Grow on Lithuanian Audiences


    VILNIUS: Lithuanian cinema attendance rose by almost 8 percent in 2013, while three domestic films made it into the top ten.

    Attendance in Lithuania continued to grow, amounting to 3,256,995 admissions in 2013, 236,663 more than in 2012. Lithuanian feature films resumed growth after a row of slow years (11 premieres in 2013, 4 in 2012, 2 in 2011, and 4 in 2010) and saw an all time high admissions.

    Although American productions still held the greatest share of the market (69.27 percent and 2,145,777 admissions), Lithuanian films enjoyed the second position and an all-time highest market share of 16.49% and 510,924 admissions. In comparison, in 2012 the market share of domestic films was only 2.54%. The revenue from tickets last year grew by 1.3 m EUR and totalled in 13,142,652 EUR. More than 2 m EUR was brought in by Lithuanian films while in 2012 the box office of Lithuanian films was less than 290,000 EUR.

    Three national films – How to Steal a Wife (57,862 admissions and 250,614 EUR box office), Valentine Alone (190,714 admissions and 768,136 EUR box office) by Donatas Ulvydas and Women Lie Better: Kristina (108,472 admissions and 454,481 EUR box office) by Alvydas Šlepikas made it into Lithuania’s Top 10 most grossing films of 2013. Valentine Alone became the best grossing film of the year.

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