FNE Cannes Producers Workshop 2014 Kristina Ramanauskaitė

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    Film New Europe has teamed up with the upcoming Cannes Marche Du Film and the Producers Workshop to promote Central and Eastern European producers during Cannes.

    Kristina Ramanauskaitė is a young Lithuanian film producer and managing director at the production company Idea of Revolution. She is a third year BA student at the Gediminas Technical University in Creative Industries programme. In 2012 Ramanauskaitė did an internship at the advertising agency The Magic. Since 2011 she has produced several short films and music videos and now is developing her first feature, the Lithuanian-Serbian coproduction Dancers without Defects (working title) by Ignas Jonynas.

    The production company is mainly focused on music videos, shorts and feature films of artistic value and commercial success. The company was founded in 2006 and since then it has contributed to several projects including the one minute film festival Pravda One Minute, Pravda Newcomers Awards, Subculture Film Festival Dragonfly in Lithuania. In 2013 it started developing feature film Dancers without Defects.

    What are the projects you are working on at the moment?

    The major project I am developing within Idea of Revolution is the feature thriller Dancers without Defects about a blind dancer Jonas who takes advantage of his disability and seduces women to give him money. It is directed and co-written by the well-known Lithuanian director Ignas Jonynas and written by the philosopher and scriptwriter Kristupas Sabolius, who both worked on the 2013 feature film The Gambler (http://www.losejas.lt/). It is my first feature film and my first international coproduction. Now with producers from the Serbian company Red Production we are working on development and seeking more producers from Europe and Latin America. Shooting is scheduled for summer 2015 and premiere will be in 2016.

    I am also working on a short stop-motion animation about a mythical creature strolling around the forest. It is hunted by a scientist who is obsessed with his taxidermy collection. It is directed by Ignas Meilūnas and coproduced with the post-production company WRKS. The remiere is planned in 2015.

    Do you collaborate with any other producers in Lithuania?

    For my present projects I work a lot with Ramojus Petrauskas from Idea of Revolution, Aurimas Pukevičius and Rūta Jekentaitė from The Magic, and Ingrida Kolytė from WRKS.

    What are your expectations regarding the workshop at Cannes?

    It is going to be my first international film workshop and I look forward to expanding my knowledge and experience. I hope to get new ideas and advice not only for the present but also for my future projects. I also expect to meet foreign producers who might be interested in working on my current or future projects.

    Produced films:

    Dancers Without Defects (In Developement), Feature film, Dir. Ignas Jonynas, 2016, Lithuania, Serbia (as coproducer)

    Woods (Shooting) Short stop-motion animated film, Dir. Ignas Meilūnas, 2014, Lithuania (as coproducer)

    After Rave (In post-production), Short fiction film, Dir Kamilė Milašiūtė, 2014, Lithuania.

    The King, Short fiction film, Dir. Kamilė Milašiūtė, 2013, Lithuiania

    Contact information:

    Kristina Ramanauskaitė
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    +370 629 19 897
    Pylimo g. 38B-1
    Vilnius, Lithuania