PRODUCTION: The Man Who Knew 75 Languages in Production


    VILNIUS: The Lithuanian/Polish/Norwgian docudrama The Man Who Knew 75 Languages from director Anne Magnussen and co-director Pawel Debski has gone into production.

    It is a full length animated documentary about the language genius Georg Julius Justus Sauerwein (1831, Hannover-1904, Oslo). He sacrificed an academic career to live among the most oppressed groups in Europe, the linguistic minorities. He fought for people’s right to speak their mother tongue and the use of the mother tongue in primary education.

    Because of his great linguistic talent he was headhunted to be the tutor of the beautiful and talented Princess Elisabeth of Wied in Germany. He became her tutor, friend and inspiration. She became the first queen of Romania and a famous writer of books, articles and poems. The two kept in touch throughout their lives, inspiring each other in their fight for minority rights and the rising peace movement in Europe.

    The Man Who Knew 75 Languages is produced by the Lithuanian production company Fralita films along with the Norwegian company Embla Films and the Polish film company Fumi Studio.

    The docu-animation film producers are: Živilė Gallego, Anne Magnussen, Trude Refsahl and Mateusz Michalak.

    The Man Who Knew 75 Languages received funding from the Lithuanian Film Centre.

    Filming started in the beginning of August 2014 in Lithuania and the film will move to Poland. The premiere is set for the end of 2015.

    Production Company:
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    Fumi Studio

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