FNE at Meeting Point Vilnius 2015: Remission, Sleeping Lessons, Ursus. The Caucasian Brown Bear


    VILNIUS: Armenian/Bulgarian drama Remission, Rusudan Pirveli's Georgian love story Sleeping Lessons and the Bulgarian/Georgian/Ukrainian/German coproduction Ursus. The Caucasian Brown Bear were presented at Meeting Point Vilnius (31 March -2 April 2015), the industry days of the 20th Vilnius Film Festival.

    Hovhannes Galstyan's Remission/Remissia is a contemporary drama involving a choreographer, his wife, who is an oncologist, and a prima ballerina who gets pregnant to the choreographer and is also diagnosed with cancer. Galstyan wrote the script together with Marine Zakaryan and he is also producing through Parallels Film in coproduction with Jelio Jelev and his Bulgarian company JelFilm. Vivien Bastajian and Artashes Chazanchyan are starring.

    Hovhannes Galstyan said in Vilnius that he is looking for a French coproducer. The completion date of the film is December 2015.

    Sleeping Lessons by Rusudan PirveliRusudan Pirveli's second feature, Sleeping Lessons/Dzilis Gakvetilebi is a love story between a young man who spends his time with his friends from a gang doing petty crimes and a woman of 39 who is robbed by them. Pirveli wrote the script together with Alaksandre Chkhaidze and is producing through Caucasian Filmodrom. The main characters are played by Archil Makalatia, Davit Andguladze and Nino Chichinadze.

    The budget is 480,000 EUR, Pirveli told FNE. The Georgian Film Center, Locarno-Open Doors and Hubert Bals Fund are supporting. The project is in the postproduction stage and is looking for a sales agent as well as theatrical and festival distribution.

    Ursus. The Caucasian Brown Bear, directed by the Ukrainian director Otar Shamatava, is set in 1992 when an unemployed Georgian film director, a Ukrainian ex-stuntman and an American female fighter for wild animals' rights are travelling from Tbilisi to the Berlin Zoo, but the bear they are bringing is not a real bear. Zaza Buadze and Otar Shamatava wrote the script.

    Ursus the Caucasian Bear by Otar ShamatavaThe film is produced by Oleg Shcherbyna through Fresh Production in coproduction with Aktis Film Production (Germany), O-Studio (Georgia) and Pavlina Jeleva through Geopoly Film (Bulgaria). The project is supported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency, Georgia`s National Film Center and Bulgarian National Film Center, and also by Germany's Film Center MDM (Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH).

    The main characters are played by Nika Tavadze, Josephine de la Baume and Bogdan Benyuk. The project lost a Georgian partner which had 10% of the budget, so another partner with 250,000 EUR is needed, Zaza Buadze said in Vilnius. 80% of the film is already shot, and there are two more days left to be shot in Berlin and another seven in Ukraine. The film is set to be completed in October 2015.

    Production Information:

    Goze Delchev complex
    114,  Metlichina  poliana  str.
    Sofia  1404, Bulgaria
    Phone: +359 87 8978944
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    Caucasian Filmodrom
    28, Kipiani Str.
    Tbilisi, Georgia
    Rusudan Pirveli phone: +995 579.560.026
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    Geopoly Film
    16, Kapitan Andreev Street
    Sofia, 1421, Bulgaria
    Phone: +3592 9630 661
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