FNE at Meeting Point Vilnius: 2 Nights Till Morning, 23 East. 23 West, Alexander the Grand (Caritas et Amor)


    VILNIUS: Lithuanian love story 2 Nights Till Morning, and documentaries 23 East. 23 West and Alexander the Grand (Caritas at Amor) were presented at Meeting Point Vilnius (31 March -2 April 2015), the industry days of Vilnius Film Festival.

    2 Nights Till Morning by Mikko Kuparinen, credit: www.artbox.ltIn 2 Nights Till Morning a French woman and a Finnish man meet in a hotel in Vilnius - coincidentally Kempinski Hotel, where Meeting Point Vilnius took place. They spend two nights together and destiny decides that they should keep seeing each other. Director Mikko Kuparinen said in Vilnius that at the bottom of the story he wrote that we are all seduced by the idea of the perfect fling, especially when there is no common language to share.

    Kuparinen's second feature is looking for sales agent. It is produced by Mjok Movies from Finland in coproduction with Lithuania's Artbox. Producer Mikko Tenhunen told FNE that the budget is 1.2m EUR. Canadian actress Marie Josée Croze and Finnish actor Mikko Nousiainen are starring.

    23 East, 23 West is a 90 min documentary set to start shooting in September 2014. Lithuanian Andrius Lekavicius is directing and he is also producing together with Girmantas Neniskis through Prime Film company. The titles refers to the coordinates of Lithuania, Iceland and Capo Verde, evolving around the idea that surfing is a subculture that brings people together.

    The budget is 180,000 EUR, Lekavicius told FNE, and shooting will probably wrap in September 2016 with the premiere at Vilnius Film Festival in 2017. The project doesn't have any grants yet and no DoP is yet confirmed.

    Alexander the Grand (Caritas et Amor) by Vytautas Puidokas, credit: www.ironcat.ltAlexander the Grand (Caritas et Amor)/Aleksandras Didys is follows the footsteps of Alexander Bendoraitis (1919-1998), a Lithuanian doctor and priest who created an empire in the heart of the Amazon in the 60s: boat-clinic system, two hospitals, brick factory, first jungle radio and a football team. But after thorough research, the director Vytautas Puidokas discovered that he was neither a doctor, nor a priest and had dark connections with the Nazi regime. The film will deepen the portrait of this fascinating character.

    Some shooting already took place in Europe, but the principal shooting will be in the Amazon in September 2015, where people who knew Bendoraitis are still alive. The film is produced by Paulius Juoceris through Lithuania's Iron Cat in coproduction with Lente Viva Films from Brazil. The producer told FNE that the budget is 225,000 EUR. Lithuanian Film Centre is supporting. European coproducers are expected.The premiere is set for mid-2015.

    Production Information:

    Labdarių str. 5, LT-01120 Vilnius, Lithuania
    Phone: +370 5 2643054

    Prime Film
    Ateities 9a-2
    LT-08304, Vilnius
    Girmantas Neniskis: +370 670 70 914
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    Iron Cat
    A.Jakšto g. 3-14, LT-01105 Vilnius,
    Phone: +370 614 36696
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