Miracle Tops 2018 Silver Crane Awards

    Miracle by Egle Vertelyte Miracle by Egle Vertelyte

    VILNIUS: Eglė Vertelytė‘s feature film Miracle / Stebuklas won four awards, for the Best Feature, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Script, at the 11th Lithuanian Film and TV Silver Crane Awards held on 13 June 2018.

    The awards are presented by the Lithuanian Film Academy and the awards ceremony was broadcast by Lithuanian National Television.

    The nominees and winners of the Silver Crane Awards were selected by leading cinema professionals, including professor and member of the European Film Academy Gražina Arlickaitė, cinematographer Ramūnas Greičius, film critic Živilė Pipinytė, film theoretician, professor Natalija Arlauskaitė and film director Andrius Blaževičius.

    silver cranes 2018During the awards ceremony Lithuanian filmmakers as well as guests Sergei Loznitsa and Krzysztof Zanussi joined a call for release of Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov.

    The Golden Crane Award for a distinguished filmmaker for lifetime achievement in Lithuanian filmmaking was presented to cinematographer Algimantas Mockus, who shot numerous Lithuanian films and TV series including Žalčio žvilgsnis (1990) directed by Gytis Lukšas, Turtuolis vargšas (1982) directed by Arūnas Žebriūnas, Riešutų duona (1977) directed by Arūnas Žebriūnas, The Devil‘s Bride / Velnio nuotaka (1974) directed by Arūnas Žebriūnas, Virto ąžuolai (1976) directed by Gytis Lukšas and Adomas nori būti žmogumi (1959) directed by Vytautas Žalakevičius.

    The complete list of winners follows:

    Best Feature Film
    Miracle / Stebuklas (Lithuania, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Eglė Vertelytė
    Produced by In Script
    Coproduced by Geopoly
    Supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre

    Best Short Film
    By the Pool / Pirtis (Lithuania)
    Directed by Laurynas Bareiša
    Produced by Klementina Remeikaitė, „Afterschool“

    Best Documentary Film
    Wonderful Losers: A Different World / Nuostabieji lūzeriai. Kita planeta (Lithuania, Italia, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Britain, Spain, Latvia)
    Directed by Arūnas Matelis
    Produced by Studio Nominum
    Coproduced by VFS FILMS, Stefilm International, Associate Directors, DOKMobile, Dearcán Media, Planet Korda Pictures and SUICA
    Supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre

    Best Directing
    Directed by Eglė Vertelytė                                                                                                                                    

    Best Cinematographer
    Mindaugas Survila
    The Ancient Woods / Sengirė (Lithuania, Germany, Estonia)
    Directed by Mindaugas Survila
    Produced by Sengirė
    Coproduced by Ma.ja.de Filmproduktions and OU Vesilind
    Supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre

    Best Composer
    Alberto Lucendo
    Wonderful Losers: A Different World

    Best Actor
    Giedrius Savickas
    Three Million Euros / Trys milijonai Eurų (Lithuania)
    Directed by Tadas Vidmantas
    Produced by Vabalo filmai                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    Best Actress
    Eglė Mikulionytė

    Best Supporting Actor
    Joris Baltrūnas
    Breathing into Marble / Kvėpavimas į marmurą (Lithuania, Croatia)
    Directed by Giedrė Beinoriūtė
    Produced by Just a moment
    Co-produced by Aning Film D.O.O.
    Supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre

    Best Script
    Eglė Vertelytė

    The Audience Award
    Wonderful Losers: A Different World
    Directed by Arūnas Matelis

    Best Professional Work Award
    Saulius Urbanavičius and Jonas Maksvytis
    The Ancient Woods

    Crane Egg for Best Student Film
    The Last Day / Paskutinė diena
    Directed by Klaudija Matvejevaitė
    Producer: Veronika Cicėnaitė