Vilnius IFF Opens First Drive-in Cinema at the Airport


    VILNIUS: The Vilnius IFF is going digital and will also present a new experiential film season Aerokinas - the journey begins at the first drive-in cinema, which will open at the Vilnius Airport on 30 April 2020.

    The films will be shown on a giant screen, the height of a five-storeys house. A screen of this size and such quality had not been built in the Baltics before. The sound will be broadcast to each car’s radio. “So far as I know pilots, they are all unrealistic dreamers,” said Vilnius IFF's general director Algirdas Ramaška. "The Kino Pavasaris team is the same - constantly rising from the ground, trying to elevate the audience with films and new experiences. Today, watching films or concerts from cars is no longer new, so we wanted to create a unique experience. Getting on the airport platform, where you can’t usually get in, is very interesting”. The organisers also emphasise the social aspect of the project. With the entire aviation sector going through very difficult times, many professionals losing their jobs, airlines and airports experiencing huge losses, the Aerokinas project is also a way of expressing gratitude to the aviation staff. 

    Maximum safety will be ensured. Viewers will be asked not to get out of their cars and tickets will be sold only online. It will be necessary to keep a distance of at least 2 meters between the cars, and no more than two persons in one car are allowed. Cars with more than two passengers will be allowed to attend the day screenings, but they have to be family members.

    The Aerokinas season will start with the black-and-white version of Bong Joon-ho's Oscar-winning thriller Parasite / Parazitas. Aerokinas will stay open through the summer of 2020 and will relocate to airports and aerodromes of other major cities in Lithuania.  

    The Lithuanian government has extended quarantine until 11 May 2020, but is also moving ahead with the second stage of lockdown-easing measures. Starting on Monday, 27 April, libraries and museums will reopen under the requirement to allow 10 square metres per person and maintain a two-metre distance between people.