Lithuania Supports Hard Hit Cultural Sector with Over 68 m EUR


    VILNIUS: The Lithuanian Government  has provided extra funds of 16.7 m EUR within the Economic Stimulus and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mitigation Action Plan.

    A total of 8.3 m EUR was already allocated for this purpose in April, amounting to 25 m EUR in support for artists and cultural organisations. Another 43.3 m EUR was earmarked for the development and renewal of cultural infrastructure. The total amount of support after the announcement of the quarantine has now reached 68.3 m EUR  

    Of the newly provided 16.7 m EUR, 13.6 m EUR will be distributed through the Lithuanian Council for Culture for funding initiatives supporting cultural organisations, both public and private.

    An additional 1.4 m EUR of these funds will be administered by the Lithuanian Film Centre, providing support for film production and distribution, recovery of cinemas, the development of new television and film productions, and other activities. Another 2 m EUR had been allocated to support the Lithuanian film sector earlier, thus the total amount of support for the Lithanian Film Centre has reached 3.4 m EUR.

    The Lithuanian government has extended the quarantine until the end of May 2020, but is also moving ahead with the fourth stage of lockdown-easing measures. It allows services including pre-school childcare, dental care and small outdoor events to resume. The government has also agreed to ease some restrictions on travelling. Citizens of Latvia and Estonia will be allowed to enter Lithuania freely and without the required 14-day self-isolation period, starting on 15 May.