GRANTS: The Lithuanian Film Centre Announces Second Production Grants for 2020


    VILNIUS: The Lithuanian Film Centre has distributed 2,515,685 EUR at its second session of financing for 2020. In all, 59 projects received funding for production and development. The government has allocated 1,861,695 EUR for the production of 31 films, including three feature films, five documentaries, 14 short films and five minority coproductions.

    Among the minority coproductions are the new projects by Sergey Loznitsa, Juanjo Giminez and Nils Skapans.

    Click HERE to see the the full production grants chart and HERE for the press release.

    Additional information:

    Trys auksakasio sapnai: The project will receive 375,000 EUR in 2020 and 225,000 in 2021
    Poetas/Poet: The project will receive 475,000 EUR in 2020 and 125,000 in 2021
    Sausis: The project will receive 60,000 EUR in 2020 and 60,000 in 2021
    Trys / Tree: The project will receive 43,000 EUR in 2020 and 30,000 EUR in 2021.
    Pietų miegas: The project will receive 23,100 EUR in 2020 and 21,450 EUR in 2021.
    Jūratė ir Kastytis: The project will receive 36,000 EUR in 2020 and 109,000 EUR in 2021.
    Katu katu katinai: The project will receive 20,000 EUR in 2020 and 10,830 EUR in 2021.
    Purga: The project will receive 53,200 EUR in 2020 and 9,800 EUR in 2021.