Lithuanian Cinemas to Reopen on 19 April 2021

    Kinopaska, Vilnius Kinopaska, Vilnius

    VILNIUS: Lithuanian cinemas and theatres will re-open on 19 April 2021, following an easing plan proposed by the Ministry of Health and approved by the Government. Tickets will be sold online and no food will be available in cinemas.

    Outdoor and indoor activities are allowed in cinemas, which will function at 30% of their capacity and with no more than 150 spectators.

    "Taking into account the fact that a strict lockdown regime has already been in place for almost four months and is having an increasingly negative impact on people's mental and physical state, and the whole society is tired of the lockdown, measures are needed to improve this situation,” said Health Minister Arūnas Dulkys.

    Lithuania's 14-day Coronavirus infection rate currently stands at 483.2 for 100,000 people, and the share of positive tests has been 6.6 percent over the past seven days. Overall, 230,462 people have tested positive for COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. Currently, 208,890 people are considered as having recovered and 13,241 remain active cases.

    Entertainment and cultural facilities in Lithuania have been shut down since 7 November 2020 and the closing has been extended several times due to the pandemic.