Cultural Collaboration Between Lithuanian and Latvian Public Broadcasters

    Southern Chronicles by Ignas Miškinis Southern Chronicles by Ignas Miškinis photo: Lukas Juzėnas

    VILNIUS: Lithuania’s LRT PLIUS and Latvia’s LTV have launched a collaboration, and their cultural programmes Culture Day (Kultūros diena) and Culture News (Kultūras zinas) respectively will exchange stories every two weeks. TVP might join the project as LRT is currently in talks with the Polish public broadcaster.

    While the first story from Latvia was dedicated to the centenary of Latvian ballet, the first story from Lithuania was a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the film Southern Chronicles / Pietinia Kronikas, directed by Ignas Miškinis and produced by In Script with support from the Lithuanian Film Centre and LRT, according to LRT.