Lithuanian distributor Greta Akcijonaite, Skalvija

By Aukse Kancereviciute

    As managing director of Skalvija since 2005, Greta Akcijonaite oversees a company that has become one of the main players in cinema policies, discussions, and initiative in Lithuania.

    Active ImageAn arthouse film exhibitor belonging to Europa Cinemas and CICAE networks, Skalvija's distribution business grew out of its history as a cinema center, dating back to 1962.

    The main activity of Skalvija cinema centre is non-commercial (arthouse) film exhibition and promotion. Its directive was to create exclusive and quality film programming in the cinema centre. It has since expanded and now consists of daily programme screenings of primarily European films as well a dozen of festival events throughout the year.

    "We are planning to develop non-commercial (arthouse) film exhibition and to give more attention to DVD and TV rights, and to collaborate with Latvia and Estonia," says Akcijonaite. "Distribution of films committed to the youth audience is also a priority for us, because it reflects the mission of Skalvija film centre: to keep an educational profile to our activity."

    In addition to her management duties at Skalvija, Akcijonaite is an organiser and programmer for the Women's Film Festival and the Student Film Festival, artistic director of the International Vilnius Film Festival Kino pavasaris, and a member of the Film Board at the Ministry of Culture.

    Skalvija began film distribution in 2007 with 10 theatrical releases, including Lights in the Dusk (Aki Kaurismaki, 2006, Finland), Reprise (Joachim Trier, 2006, Norway), and Irina Palm (Sam Garbarski, 2007, Belgium/UK). Most successful were Adam's Apples (Anders Thomas Jensen, Denmark/Germany) and Dark Blue Almost Black (Daniel Sanchez Arevalo, Spain), which gathered almost 8,000 spactators. Five films are planned for release in the next 10 months.

    Skalvija Cinema Center
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    Homepage: www.skalvija.lt

    77 screens/55 cinemas
    Average ticket price €3.19
    2007 admissions 3.2 million
    2007 box office €10.3 million