Celebrity political party enters ruling coalition

By Aukse Kancereviciute
    The newly-founded National Resurrection Party (http://www.prisikelimopartija.lt/) headed by TV star Arunas Valinskas entered into four-party ruling coalition in the 141-member Seimas, the Lithuanian parliament.

    After the second round of elections October 27, the National Resurrection Party had taken a total 16 seats in the Lithuanian Parliament. "I believe our values, views of the situation and reforms are similar to those of the Homeland Union, which won 44 seats," Valinskas said

    Campaiging in protest against the corruption and inefficacy of the political elite, the National Ressurection Party was formed in August, 2008. The new party did not made the extraordinary social promises which are common for populists, promising "politics with a human face," keeping more attention on youth education, betterment of demography, reforming health services and recreating national cinema.

    A popular TV show business personality, Arunas Valinskas also holds a law degree . In 2002 he was granted a master's degree in law (with a specialisation of criminal law) at Vilnius University.Valinskas told voters not to expect economic miracles from the party. One of its slogans reads: "The ship is sinking, at least with us it will be more fun."