Macedonia Approves Subsidies of 507,000 EUR to Boost TV Production

    Shooting of the TV series Stories from Strumica in November 2016 Shooting of the TV series Stories from Strumica in November 2016

    SKOPJE: Macedonia will distribute 507,000 EUR / 31m MKD in 2017 as subsidies for production of domestic documentary and feature programmes on national TV stations and the public broadcaster Macedonian Radio Television. The decision was adopted by the Government during its last session in February 2017.

    The subsidies to cover 50 percent of the costs for the production of documentary and feature films for national TV stations and the public broadcaster, are determined in accordance with Article 92 of the Law on audio and audiovisual media policies from 2014.

    The projects should meet provided professional standards in order to be approved. These include a script for a TV film or for every episode of a TV series, an outline for a documentary, demanded technology for production for domestic feature film, deadline and dynamics of production by indicating the shooting locations, production resources and also the financing construction of the project detailing the costs.

    An commission composed of representatives from the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, the Macedonian Film Agency and the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services Agencies, the Public Revenue Office and the Office of the President of the Government will decide on the selection and approval for funding of the projects.