FESTIVALS: 13th Asterfest Opens Next Week


    STRUMICA: The 13th annual edition of International Film Festival ASTERFEST will open on 26 June 2017, running through 30 June in the city of Strumica in southeastern Macedonia. The festival will screen short films and documentaries, mostly European films, as well as run workshops.

    The selection includes national and international short films of up to 20 minutes long, animations and feature documentaries selected by Atanas Chuposki. Five Macedonian shorts and documentaries have been selected to screen at the festival.

    The festival focuses on short, documentary and fiction works of film authors coming from or living in the Euro-Atlantic region. The festival programme is divided into six categories: Star Documents, Global Fiction, Animotion, Movieland, Merry-Diones, Tributes.

    The jury composed of Natalja Althauser (Germany), Elena Melloncelli (Italy) and Srdjan Fink (Netherlands) will decide on the winners of the following awards: Golden Horseshoe, Silver Horseshoe, Bronze Horseshoe, Best world short fiction film, Best world animation film, Golden Projector, Movieland Award, Aco Aleksov Award for Best Macedonian Film Auteur and Gjorgi Abadziev Award for Best Screenplay.

    This year’s festival will honor film producer Jackie Sheppard and Macedonian actor and director Kole Angelovski for high achievement in film.  

    The festival is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency and Mayor and Council of the Municipality of Strumica.

    The complete list films screened at the festival follows:

    Global Fiction / Short Fiction Films

    The Woman in Purple, 20`, (Turkey, Macedonia)
    Directed by Aleksandra Kardalevska

    Live, 17` (Russia)
    Directed by Elena Piskareva

    Sing, 25` (Hungary)
    Directed by Kristof Deak

    Drunkard`s Walk, 15` (Spain)
    Directed by Pol Armengol

    Intermezzo, 18` (Serbia)
    Directed by Dusan Zoric

    Your Steps, 21` (Russia)
    Directed by Max Kubrinskiy

    The Visitors, 6` (Greece)
    Directed by Theo Papadoulakis

    Star Documents / Creative Documentaries

    Joe`s Violin, 25` (USA)
    Directed by Kahane Cooperman

    Women, 19` (Russia/Ukraine)
    Directed by Anastasia Kouzyakova

    Colombi, 20` (Italy)
    Directed by Luca Ferri

    Faces, 19` (Macedonia)
    Directed by Hanis Bagashov

    The Gentle Giant, 11` (Poland)
    Directed by Marcin Podolec

    Mess, 12` (Russia)
    Directed by Ilya Zheltyakov

    The Roads We Don`t Take, 14` (Russia)
    Directed by Zlata Oronova

    Animotion / Animated Films

    The Airplane, 1` (Spain)
    Directed by Jesus Martinez Nota

    Nude, 13` (Macedonia)
    Directed by Aco Stankovski

    Gyros Dance, 14` (Poland)
    Directed by Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc

    (IN)Felix, 10` (Italy)
    Directed by Maria Di Razza

    Cuerdas, 11` (Spain)
    Directed by Pedro Solis

    Borrowed Time, 7` (USA)
    Directed by Andrew Coats & Lou Hamou-Lhadj

    The Walker, 6` (France)
    Directed by Thibault Chollet

    Movieland / Contemporary Dance Films

    Let`s Say, 8` (Hong Kong)
    Directed by Fuk Pak Jim

    Kid Birds for Camera, 11` (France)
    Directed by David Daurier & Eric Minh Cuong Castaing

    How Are You Today, 4` (Hong Kong)
    Directed by Chiu Chin Hua

    Disruptions, 5` (Germany)
    Directed by Ulrike Flamig & Filipe Frozza

    Lay Me Low, 8` (Canada)
    Directed by Marlene Millar

    Tailored, 1` (Italy)
    Directed by Augenblick


    Father (We`re Damned, Irina), 73` (Macedonia)
    Directed by Kole Angelovski

    I Am Sami, 15` (UK/Iraq)
    Directed by Kae Bahar

    Out of Competition

    Love, 15` (Germany)
    Directed by Natalja Althauser

    Oberhausen On Tour/Award Winners 2016

    Venusia, 34` (Switzerland)
    Directed by Louise Carrin

    The Day before the End, 16` (Philippines)
    Directed by Lav Diaz

    Washed Hands, 8` (Brazil)
    Directed by Louise Botkay Courcier

    All Day, 4` (Germany)
    Directed by Andreas Hofstetter

    She Whose Blood is Clotting In my Underwear, 3` (Germany)
    Directed by Vika Kirchenbauer

    Teledon Santrali, 7` (Germany)
    Directed by Sarah Drath

    489 Years, 11` (France)
    Directed by Hayoun Kwon