Macedonia Cuts Film Funding by 25% in 2018

    Prime Minister Zoran Zaev Prime Minister Zoran Zaev photo: vlada.mk

    SKOPJE: The Macedonian Government has announced a decision to cut the film funding by 25% in 2018 compared to 2017. The decision was made during its regular session on 12 December 2017.

    Prime Minister Zoran Zaev authorized 69 m EUR for the culture, which is a record 2% of the total government budget and represents an increase of 4.48% compared to 2016. More than 92% will go for financing cultural activities and only 8% for administrative expenses.

    About 4% (2.5 m EUR) will be allocated to the Macedonian Film Agency for 2018 as well as approximately 2.5 m EUR more for film industry in general.

    The annual budget for the film industry was around 6 m EUR in 2017 and 6.5 m EUR in 2016.