GRANTS: Macedonian Film Agency Grants 1.2 m EUR for Milcho Manchevski’s New Project


    SKOPJE: The Macedonian Film Agency granted 1.2 m EUR for Willow  / Vrba by the acclaimed Milcho Manchevski, who will come back to shoot in Macedonia after eight years. A total of 2,449,902 EUR / 151,375,000 MKD was distributed as production grants.

    Milcho Manchevski’s latest film, the US/German coproduction Bikini Moon, had its world premiere in Sao Paulo at the end of 2017.

    Three majority feature films, five minority feature films, two majority long documentaries, one majority short documentary, five majority short films and one majority short animation film received grants at a call launched in 2017.

    Besides Manchevski, two more feature films with majority Macedonian support received grants -  Vardan Tozija`s sophomore film M, produced by Focus Pocus, and Dina Duma’s debut feature Sister / Sestra produced by Krug Film.

    Goran Dukić, Blerta Basholi, Metod Pevec, Viktor Chuchkov and Besnik Bisha are directing the minority feature films.

    The Macedonian Film Agency announced a decision to annul the call for production support for feature films, documentaries, short films and animated films in 2017 and announced a new Call for production support at the end of November 2017.

    Click HERE for the full list of grants.