PRODUCTION: Macedonian Cult Kids TV Series Returns after 33 Years


    SKOPJE: Director Slobodan Unkovski and playwright Goran Stefanovski are working on the second part of the cult TV series Bushava Azbuka, which was originally produced 33 years ago. The 1985 series, produced by the Macedonian Radio Television, was a 31-episode educational series for children about Macedonian literature, culture and tradition, through music and animation. It is the most successful product of MRT, with which many generations learned the alphabet.

    Stefanovski and Unkovski are working on the scripts for 31 episodes with a duration of 30 minutes each. The new TV series will be oriented towards the Macedonian language and its use and wealth, and eventually, to the other languages ​​of the communities living in Macedonia. The script should be ready by the end of 2018, with production beginning in 2019.

    Unkovski is producing through 2BA Production from Skopje and the development of the script is sponsored by several Macedonian private companies. The actress and professor at the Faculty of Drama Arts, Sinolichka Trpkova-Melles is the creative producer.

    Over the past years, a legal battle has been conducted to digitise the series for sale, a problem that has not been resolved because the copyright issue has not been solved completely.

    The original series was recorded with music from a popular Macedonian rock band Leb i Sol and cast with some of the country’s best actors.

    Production information:

    Macedonian Radio Television


    Directed by Slobodan Unkovski
    Written by Goran Stefanovski