Macedonian Film Agency Signs Agreement with Film Workers’ Association


    SKOPJE: The Macedonian Film Workers' Association signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Macedonian Film Agency on 6 June 2018, designed to strengthen joint efforts to improve Macedonian film production.

    The memorandum highlights improved working conditions as well as the quantity and the artistic achievements of Macedonian film production.

    A special focus will be placed on young filmmakers, European coproductions and documentaries, and the restoration of Macedonian animated film. Films looking at the contemporary situation and challenges were described as the “new beginning” of Macedonian cinema.

    The Macedonian Film Workers’ Association was founded in 1950. One of its initiatives was the establishment of the film fund, which is now the Macedonian Film Agency.

    This memorandum is considered important as it formalises the institutional support of the Macedonian Film Agency for the Film Workers Association, and creates a partner approach to joint efforts to promote Macedonian film.