PRODUCTION: Milcho Manchevski Starts Shooting Willow in Macedonia

    Willow by Milcho Manchevski Willow by Milcho Manchevski

    SKOPJE: Academy award nominated Macedonian film director Milcho Manchevski started shooting his sixth feature film Willow / Vrba, produced by Banana Film, in the Macedonian village Krushevica. The shooting, which started on 25 October 2018 and will wrap at the beginning of December, will also take place in the picturesque Mariovo villages of Stavica, Dunje and Zovich, Treskavec, in the Prespa region and in different locations in Skopje.

    With the Macedonian/Albanian/Belgian/Hungarian coproduction Machevski returns to shooting in Macedonia after an absence of nine years. The film recounts two and a half love stories spanning four centuries. The five central characters are young people from large cities and villages. The main roles are entrusted to the young actors Nikola Risteski, Sara Klimoska, Natalia Teodosieva, Nenad Nacev and the more experienced Kamka Tocinovski.

    “As always, I don`t ‘portray’ anyone. Instead, I tell stories about people and create a work where emotions matter most. Visually, Willow is full of contrasts, but the story contains numerous repetitions and thematic refrains,” Manchevski told the Macedonian media.

    The budget is estimated at 2.1 million EUR. Jane Kjortosev is producing and British producer Nik Powell is the executive producer. The project is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency, the Hungarian National Film Fund, the Albanian National Center of Cinematography and the Bulgarian National Film Center. The film is coproduced by the Tirana Film Institute, Saga Film and Pioneer Films.

    Production Information:

    Willow by Milcho ManchevskiProducer:
    Banana Film (Macedonia)

    Pioneer (Hungary)
    Saga Film (Belgium)
    Tirana Film Institute (Albania)

    Director: Milcho Manchevski
    Scriptwriter: Milcho Manchevski
    Casting Director: Milka Anchevska
    DoP: Támas Dobos
    Production designer: David Munns
    Costume designer: Györgui Szakács, Zaklina Krstevska
    Cast: Nikola Risteski, Sara Klimoska, Natalia Teodosieva, Nenad Nacev, Kamka Tocinovski,  Petar Mircevski, Blagoj Chorevski, Ratka Radmanovic, Ana Kostovska, Laze Manaskovski, Katina Ivanova, Kire Gjorevski, Adem Karaga, Jelena Jovanova Peric