Macedonian Cinema Returns to Life in Open Air

    Youth Cultural Center Youth Cultural Center

    SKOPJE: Open-air film theatres in Skopje have opened their doors to the public following the easing of coronavirus-related restrictions, while regular indoor cinemas are still under COVID-19 restrictions.

    The Cinemateque of North Macedonia started with open-air screenings in the yard on 10 July 2020, with the screening of Teona Mitevska`s God Exists, Her Name is Petrunija, and will continue with them until further notice. The programme from 17 July 2020 continues with a 10-day marathon of Charlie Chaplin films, limiting the maximum number of visitors to 70 people per screening. Tickets are sold on a daily basis and everyone with a ticket is obliged to arrive half and hour earlier due to strict entry protocols.

    Cinemateque of North MacedoniaThe Youth Cultural Center that runs Cinema Milenium and Cinema Frosina also began with free open-air screenings over the 11-12 July weekend and will continue next weekend with premieres and popular titles of the past cinema releases. 

    The open-air cinemas are only allowed to run with limited capacity. Everyone is obliged to wear face masks and keep a safe distance of two metres. The opening coincided with great weather and the first screenings were sold out. The venues will be holding just one screening per night for the time being, beginning at 9 p.m. 

    While more openings are expected, during the unpredictable situation it is impossible to confirm if all the announced open-air and drive-in cinemas will be opened as planned. 3D Cinema Bitola is also preparing for open-air screenings in Bitola in August. The Skopje Summer Festival also announced open-air screenings in the Old Skopje Bazaar later this summer. In addition, the 3rd Beach Film Festival Ohrid  will be held on its regular dates 22-26 July 2020, but in a different location due to COVID-19 safety protocols.