GRANTS: North Macedonia Announces First Production Grants for 2022


    SKOPJE: The North Macedonia Film Agency distributed 1,680,480 EUR / 103,350,000 MKD as production grants for feature, short, animated films and documentaries in the first grant call of 2022. The Agency supported three majority feature films, 10 minority coproductions, six majority long documentaries and 13 short films.

    The grants were announced on 4 August 2022.

    Directors Marija Apchevska, Ana Opačić and Senad Abduli received the highest amounts of support: 260,162 EUR / 16 m MKD, 227,642 EUR / 14 m MKD and 243,902 EUR / 15 m MKD, respectively, for their debut films Spring Cleaning / Proletnocistenje, Third Shift / Tretasmena and Agreement / Dogovor.

    The 10 minority feature films include the Serbian filmmaker Pavle Vučković’s sophomore feature Frost / Mraz, produced by Stefan Mladenović through Plan 9 and coproduced by Macedonian Black Cat Production, Serbian feature film Saucesnici by Marko Novaković, produced by Zillion Film in coproduction with Partysans, Montenegrin Nikola Ljucaá’s new film Rattlesnakes / Zvečarke, produced by Biberche in coproduction with Skopje Film Studio, Slovenian Katarina Rešek-Kukla’s debut feature film Fantasy, produced by December in coproduction with Krug Film, and Vladimir Blaževski`s new feature film Daughter / Ćerka, produced by Serbian DigitalKraft in coproduction with Macedonian Pank Film

    The other minority feature films are the debut The Boy with the Light Blue Eyes by Thanasis Neofotistos, coproduced by Sektor Film, Character by Ekrem Xani, coproduced by MIND Production, One of Us by Ergys Meta, coproduced by DMF, Man of the House by Andamion Murataj, coproduced by Manufaktura, and Unfruitful Times by Doğuş Algün, coproduced by Galaktika Pictures.

    Click HERE for the full list of grants.