Production : Maltese feature Simshar resumes filming

    Simshar, director Rebecca Cremona Simshar, director Rebecca Cremona

    VALLETTA: Rebecca Cremona will shoot the second half of her debut feature film Simshar. Crowd funding (www.indiegogo.com/simshar) has been launched as the film prepares for its final weeks of production.

    Simshar is inspired by the tragedy that took place in the Mediterranean Sea in 2008 when a Maltese fishing boat named Simshar blew up and all but one of its crew died waiting to be saved by Maltese and Italian authorities who mistook them for African immigrants. The script written by Cremona and David Grech weaves in a parallel tale of a Maltese doctor kept hostage on a vessel with African migrants until Malta and Italy decide which country is going to accept them.

    The film produced by Leslie Ann Lucey through Kukumajsa Productions Ltd is the most ambitious Maltese feature film so far, aiming to reach an international audience. Lucey told FNE that the project received development and production grant funding from Malta Film Fund/Malta Film Commission, and is also supported by local partners and sponsors Godwin's Garage, MoviePeople (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Azzopardi Fisheries, Farsons, Gormina and Neriku.

    “Through indiegogo.com we are raising an additional 50,000 EUR. In addition to our crowd funding campaign, we are still looking for one or two other private investors who may be interested in investing 200,000EUR,” Lucey said.

    After four years of development, the first part of the film was shot during eight days in November 2012. The second part, consisting of 20 days, will be shot between 25 March and 17 April 2013. Chris Frielich is the DoP. The cast includes Lotfi Abdelli, Jimi Busuttil, Adrian Farrugia, Sekouba Doucoure, Laura Kpegli and Pierre Stafrace. The dialogue is in Maltese and English.

    “We hope to finish the film towards the end of 2013, and to premiere it in early 2014,” Lucey told FNE.

    Production Information

    Kukumajsa Productions Ltd C 50174 
    Il-Harruba San Martin Road
    St.Paul's Bay SPB6702
    Phone: (+356)79068065
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Director: Rebecca Cremona
    Script: Rebecca Cremona
            David Grech
    DOP: Chris Frielich
    Cast: Lotfi Abdelli
          Jimi Busuttil,
          Adrian Farrugia
          Sekouba Doucoure
          Laura Kpegli
          Pierre Stafrace